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Our Bar Actor Responsibilities

  • Check email regularly and be available to receive scripts & role assignments in a timely fashion.

  • Meet with scene partner(s) and/or “Outside Eye” (as requested) at least once prior to Dress Rehearsal (always the Monday prior to the show date).

  • Attend all rehearsals and be on time. Unless otherwise specified, all rehearsals and performances will take place at Failte (531 2nd Ave between 29th & 30th).

  • Must be OFF BOOK for the DRESS REHEARSAL. Not knowing your lines hinders the process for your scene partners, Showrunners, as well as the writers who put a ton of time into crafting the words on the page. Please be respectful and devote the appropriate time to memorizing your lines so that we are all free to shape the material with the short time we have to play.  

  • Need to invite at least two paying guests to the show.  

As interest in performing grows, we are charged with the task of balancing the number of actors with the needs of the night. We ask all actors to attend the readthrough so that you get familiar with the material on hand and can express your comfort level regarding roles. 

After the readthrough, we will contact actors with "Yes, there is a role for you in this month's show" or "Thank you for submitting yourself as an actor, but there is not a role for you this month." 

Final Versions of scenes will be sent to Actors by 11:59pm on the Thursday following the read-through. 

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