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"The Best Thing You Can Do In A Bar." -  Theater in the Now

"The Best $10 you'll spend in New York" - Whoa Magazine


Using a different theme each month, Our Bar invites some of New York's finest theater artists to build roughly ten scenes that could legitimately happen in that bar, that night.  Audience members grab a drink, find a seat and watch the stories unfold. With no “fourth wall,” OUR BAR is often described as a month’s worth of bar antics artfully shoved into one hour, and like any great night out on the town, each show is unique.  As original theater for each thematic evening, the material you see at Our Bar lives and dies in one night.

The OUR BAR crew has offered up increasingly impressive shows since November 2009 thanks to the endless supply of stories from New York City’s ever amusing nightlife.  Somehow the block of wood that resides between bartender and customer gives strangers permission to open up in surprising and incredible ways.  It is this dynamic that is at the heart of every OUR BAR.  Blending New Yorkers’ love of bar life, theater and tasty whiskeys, OUR BAR is carving out its own cult following.

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