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Our Bar Musical Resources

​Looking for inspiration as you embark upon creating a musical scene for Our Bar? Look no further! Below you'll find scene descriptions, demos, and scripts for past Our Bar musical scenes to give you an idea of what we've gone for in the past. That being said, feel free to break the mold! As Ms. Frizzle said: Take chances. Make mistakes. Get messy! We're here to enjoy, support, and provide feedback to make your musical scene dreams come true. 

Our Bar Musical Vol. 2, sampling of Scripts and Demos


  • You're Not the Only Person in New York: An exasperated New Yorker drops some knowledge and perspective onto the banes of our subway existence. 

  • One Beating Heart: Anna tries to undo her mistake with a brave profession of love. 

  • Gross is as Gross Does: Daniel explains why we're all disgusting... and why that's awesome. 

  • Super Sexy: A married couple finds their spark in the little things. 

  • Alone on a Train: Three strangers share their life revelations that follow an experience alone on the train. 

  • ATM: The Extraterrestrial: A brain-sucking alien named Alice gives money to her friends to turn the other way. They experience a brief moral quandary before being sucked under by the power of the almighty dollar. 

  • Doing It for You: Becca lays down the soulful law when it comes to her friend changing herself for a man. 

  • Out of Tune: Marci, a girl out of step with the musical world around her, finds her voice... in dorky rap. 

  • Fine: Abby runs into an ex and assures him she's fine (She's not fine).

  • Thug Joke Future: a couple of down-and-out comedians/rappers wax poetic about their future success 

  • Human Spirits: Jen consoles a bar patron and assures him: it does get better. 

Our Bar Musical- Original: Sampling of scripts and demos


  • Bald Vagina Blues: A blues-inspired ballad about a Brazilian bikini wax gone wrong

  • Your Nemesis: A series of duets between Superheroes and their Nemeses- Marcus's brilliance as Bane in full mask will live in glory forever



  • Keeping It Quiet: A girl reluctantly reveals a secret of her Long Island-y past on the first date in a charming musical-style song 

  • Managing Scars: A girl runs into her ex in the bar and has an internal reflection on her past and present 



  • In Search of an Urban Cowboy: A country-style search for love in the urban landscape with an unexpected ending

  • We Da Law: A no-holds-barred lawyer rap commercial 

  • Clamp it Down: A frank and friendly bar patron lets a fellow lady in on the magic of Kegels to improve her life in an uplifting power ballad duet 

  • And others I'm forgetting! 

Gross Is As Gross Does - David Lanson
You're Not the Only Person in New York - Louis Gaudio, Alicia & Lindsey Bullen, Steve Mecca
Super Sexy - Alicia & Lindsey Bullen
One Beating Heart - Lindsey Jane Bullen
Alone on the Train - Alicia Bullen, Mark Koenig
ATM: The Extraterrestrial - Kaelin Birkenhead and Glenn Rauch
Do It for You - Rebecca Kopec, Steve Mecca
Out of Tune- Marci Rap - Alicia Dawn Bullen
Bald Vagina Blues - Joe Jung
Your Nemesis - David Deleon
Managing Scars - Erin Salm
Clamp It Down - Allison Moody
In Search of an Urban Cowboy - Joe Jung & Jessi Blue
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