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OUR BAR is dive-theatre, alcohol-soaked entertainment for less than a shot and a beer. Founded by the members of Project:Theater in 2009, OUR BAR has been producing monthly all-original site-specific theatre at our home bar Failte and other venues around this city for over 12 years. Sit back, relax, grab a drink, and watch the stories unfold! 

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The Show
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by Matt Haws and Louis M. Gaudio 

MATT:  Louis M. Gaudio

LOU:  Matt Haws

Want to join Our Bar? 

We're always looking for talented and collaborative performers and writers to join our merry band. If you're interested in auditioning, drop us a line at ourbarauditions@gmail.com. If you'd like to learn more about submitting as a writer, email ourbarnyc@gmail.com.

Special thanks to our photographer Rutvik Patel 

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Join us for June's All-New Show:


Our Bar: june 

June 1st

7pm & 9pm 

Failte Irish Whiskey Bar 

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The Our Barbarians

This month's team:

Showrunner: Ben Bunce

Assistant Showrunner: Lauren Roth-Shaw

Jury Foreperson: Fennell Harris

Jen the Bartender: Jennifer Logue 



Diego Aguirre: Marine Corps Veteran. Actor. Dog Man. Diego is very excited to be making his Our Bar debut tonight and looks forward to working (playing) continually with his new "Our Barbarian" family. Check out what he's been up to (absolutely nothing... But there's plenty of doggy content!) on the gram: diego.aguirre.actor


NJ Agwuna: NJ Agwuna is a freelance theater and film director, hailing from the ‘burb’s of central Maryland. She spends her days coaching audition techniques, devises new pieces, performing musical Improv, and assists with casting shows. She is thrilled to be acting with the amazingly talented folks at Our Bar. www.njagwuna.com


Elizabeth Bays: ​​New York Theatre: The Tower (HERE Arts Center,) Photoluminescence (New York Theatre festival,) Persephone (New York Fringe Festival,) Angelina Ballerina the musical (Off-Broadway.) Elizabeth has a residency at the swanky Penny Jo’s where she hosts, produces, and performs in her monthly burly- Q show "Bitsy's Bits.” She has developed a film series based on her burlesque persona. @ebays_


Benjamin Bunce: Ben has finally reached it. Mastered Ultra OUR BAR Instinct. Ben has been chugging that stale Bud Lite on the Our Bar stage for 9 years, and he can’t get enough of it. Ben is co-creator of Sorry, We’re Closed, an interactive server’s struggle against all odds to close an Astoria restaurant. Hear Ben in the upcoming radio play 1897: Aliens! Vampires! Zombies! Check out Ben channel Rick Rubin in the award winning web series Mix & Master. Stay on YouTube to find Ben’s journey into writing the lost art of the passive aggressive family satire, Breakfast of Champions, directed by David Bunce and starring Annie Bunce. BreakfastOfChampions/Romeo.


Brendan Butz: Brendan is a writer, collector and student of myths and tall tales from around the world.  He is a two-time finalist for Best Original Screenplay at the International Sci-Fi and Horror film Festival (Bayou Dark and Brimstone), does freelance script coverage for various groups, including The Black List and Legendary Pictures, and is a contributing writer to The Escapist.  Currently, he commutes to work on a unicorn named “Sparkles.”


Lisa Cheong: Lisa was once called a “writer-director-producer” by a psychic. Her sketches and films have played at Toronto Sketch Comedy Festival, NYC SketchFest, SOLOCOM, and That Asian-American Film Thing. She was also a 2018 Pilot fellow at The Tank. Lisa believes puns are jokes and will fight anyone who says otherwise.


Mahnaz Damania: Heard of Delhi and Mumbai? Well, Mahnaz is from Ahmedabad. She left her film and theatre career in India for  "The American Dream" (which soon turned into our Collective Pandemic Nightmare) As much as she misses her crazy community back home she is ecstatic to have found a similar bunch of loonies at OurBar and feels right at home again. Thank you for coming tonight and being a part of her all American Masala.


Ben Dworken: “Benny D” has been acting in NYC for almost 3 years, and is originally from Connecticut, where he has spent most of his young adult life running his personal web series “The Benny D. Show” on Facebook. His past appearances include shows from DreamStreet Theater, EPIC Players and AMIOS Theater. Ben is proud to be part of the OUR BAR family.


Louis M. Gaudio: Louis has been a writer/performer for OUR BAR since 2011. His scene credits include Deeze Whats?, Ice Cream of the Future, Obsessive Compulsive D___, and more. Louis is the co-founder of the Fail Better Reading Series, and recently received the Archer Craig Mathias Screenwriting Award for his short screenplay Paydays, and has had his first one-act play produced, titled, The Hulk Can't Perform CPR.


Alexandra Gellner: Hailing from Northern California and now based in Brooklyn, Alex is an actor educator, Anglophile, and Murderino. NYC credits: I Want a Country (NYC Fringe 2018); As You Like It (Cradle Theatre); Pericles (New Ensemble Workshop); Coffee&Biscuit (HERE Arts); Hamlet (New School). Regional: Wait Until Dark (Ferndale Rep).  New Media: What’s the 311?, Brooklyn for Real. www.alexandragellner.com


Will Z. Gillman: Will spent much of his youth onstage, whether as an actor or a musician. Now in the height of his quarter-life crisis, Will has decided to reignite his acting career as a performer in our bar. What better way to welcome in decline than surrounded by drunks and theater people. All that being said, he is incredibly proud to be a part of this Our Bar’s lively cast. He hopes to continue making jokes and acting a fool until they get tired and kick him out.


Fennell Harris: Originally from Winston-Salem, NC, Fennell studied acting at Greensboro college and is now making New York his home. NYC credits: The Legend of Eustis Ray Jackson (Project: Theater), The Imaginary Life of Millo St. John (Snapdragon Theatre Works), American Tall Tales (The Compass Players), and various plays with the Negro Ensemble Company Children’t touring company. 


Matthew Haws: Matt is a big fan of theater in a bar and is happy to have a home at OUR BAR. He spends his days building websites and teaching people to build websites. He spends his evenings playing video games and fighting crime on the streets of Gotham. He likes whiskey, corgis, and Eurovision, and he thinks you are really cute. 


Mark Koenig: Mark is an actor, a writer, a teaching artist and an all-around nice guy. He is thrilled to be a part of OUR BAR. Mark’s been in some shows that were good and he’s been in some that were bad. In all of them, his acting could be described as “not horrible.” In a few productions, if the theatre gods were particularly charitable, his acting was decent. Pray they are with us all tonight. 


Rebecca Kopec: Rebecca is an actor and writer with a big belty voice, a heart of gold, and a scar on her face from the time she dropped a puppy on it.  She has been part of this crazy team since 2011 and has loved every second of it. Other than walking the boards of various pubs throughout the city (both for OUR BAR and to enjoy a fine bourbon), Rebecca has performed in everything from downtown experimental theatre (Perfect Disgrace Theatre's A Crucible), to musical theatre, to various feature films. www.rebeccakopec.com


Jennifer Logue*: Jennifer is the founder and CEO of Phenomenal Speaking, and has been performing in NYC for several decades, from her stand-up career at Caroline' s on Broadway, Gotham, and Stand Up New York, to the Fringe Festival in Musical Chairs and Two Chairs and a Table. Regional: Rocky Horror Picture Show, Five Women Wearing the Same Dress. Blue Window, Midsummer Night's Dream, and Occupation. Jennifer has an MFA in Acting from the FSU/Asolo Conservatory. She loves whiskey, diamonds and Shakespeare (not necessarily in that order).


Erin McMahon: Erin is very excited to be performing in an Irish bar! She’s technically only half Irish but fits many Irish stereotypes. Her first name means Ireland and her last name starts with a “Mc,” she has 9 siblings, randomly finds 4 leaf clovers on a regular basis, and she really really loves potatoes.


Amanda Miller: Amanda is a writer and actor who spends most of her waking hours pondering the absurdity of existence. She’s toured her solo shows nationally and internationally, her writing has appeared in various journals, and she produces the literary/performance series Lyrics, Lit & Liquor. Amanda also wrote a memoir, serves on PEN America’s Prison Writing Awards Committee, and holds an MFA in Creative Writing from The New School and a BFA in Acting from NYU.


Jeremy Nuñez: Jeremy is an entertainer who hails from the Bronx, New York. A true song and dance man, you can find him at venues playing drums with his band Rattleshake or performing at Our Bar! His credits include "Henry IV Part I", "Stop Kiss" and "A Robot Wrote This." 


Kayleigh Reichman: Kayleigh is an actor and writer from New Rochelle, NY. She has trained at the Upright Citizens Brigade, Magnet Theater, and The Barrow Group. Kayleigh can be found performing Friday nights at The Armory with their improv team Rogue One or hanging out with your pets at a party.


Lauren Roth-Shaw: Lauren was a California Raisin once for Halloween, is a huge Woody Allen fan, and was devastated when she found out that the Muppets were not real. Favorite NYC credits: Play Nice! (59E59th), Reckless (The Gallery Players), Sex and Violence (Mint Theater), Lavender Lizards and Lilac Landmines: Layla’s Dream (New Federal Theater), Land Escaping (The Flea), Billy Carver and the Children in Mind (Manhattan Theatre Source 2011 NYIT Best Performance by a Supporting Actress nod), Rhinoceros (UglyRhino).  TV: 30 Rock.  Lauren holds an MFA from the University of Florida. www.laurenjroth.com  


Joshua Sargent: Joshua is a Montana-born, Caribbean-raised writer and comic whose work has appeared in the San Francisco Chronicle, The Wall Street Journal and Instagram. He's also written a few video games and speeches for a Democratic gubernatorial candidate in Wisconsin for some reason. He lives in Brooklyn, his day job is the news and he can hold his breath for almost 45 seconds.


Andrew Tejada: Andrew is an NYC Based writer and actor that accidentally stumbled into Our Bar Meeting. Instead of awkwardly leaving, he fully committed to writing a scene and acting too. Andrew dedicates this performance to his bodega guy for making delicious sandwiches and for never judging his choices.


KL Thomas: KL is best known from Hosting Sketch Block's monthly live show and bio-weekly Podcast. She has also Hosted WeMakeTheFunny's Podcast: Let's Chat Comedy, and has been a special guest Host on PITcast, covering The PIT Sketchfest. KL's other credits:  The Improviser short film, Robots Vs Dinosaurs Podcast, Clip Show sketch troupe, the play (I Am Not An Allegory), GigaHoes web series, Drafts Short Play Festival, MITF Short Play Festival, Santa Isn’t Real music video, The Fridge’s Canucks Cabaret, Papaya Brother’s comedy Enemy Party and Charlie’s on Parole short film.


Jordan Wall: Florida Man by way of LA, Jordan recently transferred to The Big Apple, which is evident in him calling it The Big Apple. His exceptional talent is only untapped with copious amounts of beer. Regional: Bad Jews (Theatre of Note), Dangerous Corner (Crown City), Elijah (Victory Theatre) and several other inconspicuous black boxes. TV includes: A&E's The Glades (series regular), The Purge, Harry's Law, Netflix's upcoming Monster. 


Bimini Lee Wright: Bimini (rhymes with the famous anthropomorphic cricket) grew up in the humid tropical rainforests of Cairns, Australia -if you can’t hear the accent, get a few drinks in her and see what happens.  Bim attained a double degree in Theatre and Russian Studies from Stetson University, before moving to NYC to study at the William Esper Studio.  She stole her pet rabbit from an evil clown, and has no regrets. Yay OUR BAR!