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Submission Info

  • If you are a NEW WRITER submitting a scene please download the OUR BAR Writer Release. Please print, sign, scan and send the release form back to by the scene submission deadline (in RSVP email). 

  •  ALL writers must submit their scenes to by the scene submission deadline (in RSVP email). 

    • Scenes must be submitted as Word Docs.

    • We ask that all submitted scenes follow the same format for ease of editing and continuity in the readthrough. The OUR BAR Scene Submission Template is a formatting template, which you can use to start your scene!

  • If your scene is selected for the show after the readthrough, you must send the revised Final Draft to the actors cast in your scene by 11:59pm on the Thursday following the read-through and make sure to CC the showrunner at

Our Bar Writer Guidelines and the Buddy System


  • All potential writers are encouraged to attend our monthly Writer's Retreat, a place to brainstorm and discuss scene ideas, participate in writing exercises, and read any scenes (or parts of scenes) you'd like to hear out loud! See the Contributing Artist Call and RSVP for monthly dates. 

  • Interested in submitting a scene? We encourage you to check out these guidelines, lovingly assembled by some of our most experienced writers: OUR BAR Writer Guidelines.

  • Have a great idea but aren't sure how to write it? Need someone to bounce ideas off of to make your scene even more awesome? Email the Writers' Jury Foreperson at to take advantage of the Our Bar Buddy System. You will be paired up with a fellow writer who can provide you with helpful feedback at any stage in the process: prior to scene submission, post-Jury feedback, or post-readthrough.

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